Rachael and Scott wedding at Chilston Park Hotel Feb 18

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It was not a great start to my week, an abscess arriving over the weekend prompting a visit to the dentist on Monday with a face swollen so badly I could not see out of my right eye. Pain worse than any man flu symptoms I have ever experienced and no sleep resulting in a far from happy go lucky wedding photographer. A few antibiotics and a couple of days later and I am starting to feel human again and looking forward to Thursdays wedding shoot. Read More

Wedding at the Sussex County Cricket Ground

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Being a wedding photographer I get to meet some amazing people and by virtue of my role play a major part in their special day, a day when two individuals take vows and  begin their lives together creating a new family. I am there to capture the moments, to photograph the story, creating memories that will be shared and cherished for years to come. Read More

Lux 2017 wedding awards winner- best photography company-Kent

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High key bridal portrait

A lot of people believe that as soon as you mention the word “Wedding” that everyone involved in the wedding supply industry want`s to rip prospective brides and grooms off. There are unfortunately some unscrupulous suppliers that will try to do that. Just like any business there will be those involved that are looking to make a fast buck.

It`s not until you work within the wedding industry that you realise that there are some amazing people within it that are, like myself doing it because they love it. Personally if I was to deduct my costs from a wedding and divide the profit between the hours I work, before,during and after a wedding I would be on less than minimum wage. I am not complaining, I could charge more, reduce the time I spend processing the images or not continue to invest in new and reliable equipment. I don`t say that I do it all for love but I do love what I do.

I offer a great service at a sensible price so it is nice when you receive an award for all your efforts. Today I received an award from the LUX 2017 Wedding Awards for the best photography company -Kent

A big thank you to Lux for my award, a big thank you to my wife who has always believed in me and a big thank you to all my customers who have entrusted me with the wonderful job of photographing their wedding day.

Melissa and Ged`s wedding at the Orchard Suite

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Melissa and Ged eloped to the Island of Aruba for their wedding leaving all their friends and family at home. No I didn`t get to fly with them to photograph their big day, although I was more than willing. Their wedding day was captured by a local photographer on the Island. I did however get to photograph the reception were Melissa and Ged arrived in their full splendour to the waiting guests. Read More

Styled wedding photography shoot at the Dreys Woodland Wedding Venue

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One of the nicest things about being the in house wedding and event photographer is getting to work with the amazing team to create stunning photographs to showcase the venue. There are so many wonderful places to take pictures at the Dreys I feel I am almost spoilt for choice. Read More

Engagement photography shoot at the Dreys

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I met Sam and Laura at the Orchard spot wedding fayre. I got on really well with the pair of them, who said they were looking for a wedding photographer to photograph their wedding on the 1st September 2017. Sam and Laura liked my previous work and my relaxed style and so booked me for their wedding shoot at the Orchard suite in OthamRead More

Portrait photography in the studio

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Studio model photography

Light is the secret ingredient if you are looking to create stunning photographs. There are many factors that are beyond control when shooting outside but once in the studio you can change everything, the angle, the intensity and the softness. Read More

Bridal photography at The Dreys woodland wedding venue

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Barn and surroundings at the Dreys

The Dreys is at it`s heart a simple venue and yet at the same time as complex as mother nature herself. Each season brings forth its own canvas of colour and textures, from the harsh edgy feel of winter to the soft regeneration of spring. Read More

Improving your wedding photography skills

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It takes a combination of photographic skills to be a good wedding photographer. You must be able to master portraits, candid photography, macro photography, landscape photography, editorial photography to name just a few. Read More

The Dreys Woodland Wedding Venue

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Being a wedding photographer in Kent means that I get to visit some amazing wedding venues that the county has to offer. Many of these are well known and prime dates are booked years in advance, so it is nice to come across upcoming venues that offer something a bit different, it is even nicer to be their in house photographer.

The Dreys is a beautiful woodland wedding venue in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Kent, only 40 minutes from London, with easy access from the M2 and M20. Read More